Thursday, December 3, 2009

Double Standard and Hypocrisy in Australia

Double Standard and Hypocrisy in Australia

Further to Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque, Islam and Arab Bashing, Beyond Islam and Arab Bashing, Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion?, What Do You Think About This Muslim Terrorist! and Bangla Barta let’s examine the ever growing hypocrisy and double standard in Australia.

Garry Stuart of 2SM spoke to me yesterday morning and he promised me to investigate the Muslim Worshipers Attacked In Australian Mosque issue further. To make his life easier, I emailed him pertaining information.

This morning I rang his station to talk about this issue. His producer recognise me and he told me, “Faruque I’ll call you in five minutes”. However he failed to call me. After 3.30 am I rang back and asked him why did he fail to call me back? His response was, ‘it is a legal mater and we can not talk about it on air”.

Fair enough! What about the Sheikh Haron Conspiracy? Howcome he was guilty before even been charged? Why were the airwaves full of demand for Muslim blood because of Sheikh Haron?

Where is the consistency?