Saturday, January 9, 2010

Obnoxious Response

Obnoxious Response


Level 21 227 Elizabeth Street

Sydney NSW 2600, AUSTRALIA

TELEPHOIIE (02) 268 2997 FACSIMILE (02) 268 2971

Mr. F. Ahmed

6/! 2 Woodbury Street


Dear Mr Ahmed,

I am writing in reply to a facsimile copy of your letter of the 30th January to the Department's Regional Manager at Surry Hills, seeking considerable detailed information and statistics about taxi licensees and operators. Firstly, anyone can apply for and be issued with a taxi licence as the legislation prescribes no qualifications or conditions in this regard. Rather, it is the person who actually operates the public passenger service who is responsible for compliance with the multitude of conditions and standards designed to ensure that safe, reliable and efficient services are provided. As to all the detailed information you have sought, I am afraid that much of the information is not held by the Department, and that the expense that would be incurred in collating the remaining information from Departmental files could not be justified. Moreover, the personal records held by the Department on licensees and operators are not available to the public.

However, I can say that there are 227 wheelchair accessible taxi licences on issue in the State, 145 of them being for the Sydney metropolitan area. Late last year the Department wrote to all those persons responsible under these licences for transporting the disabled, specifically reminding them that they are required by law to always give preference to the transport needs of disabled people.

Yours sincerely,

John McLoughlin

Acting Executive Director Transport Services


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