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The Good Soldiers of David Finkel

The Good Soldiers of David Finkel

The Good Soldiers by David Finkel talks about the Surge of George Bush and he provides a very frank and critical account of those American victims. In short, Vietnam all over again! However, the Iraqi victims and the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds were out of his radar and agenda.

Anyway, 18/19 years old naive American kids loaded with Americana under the command of prejudiced and bigoted commanders (sound like neo-cons and George Bush?) indoctrinated by anti-Arab and anti-Muslim zeal went to Iraq to ‘kick asses’. The unlucky soldiers died in Iraq, Some badly injured ones went back to USA. Amongst them, some are worse than dead with tragic tales! The lucky ones are alive and not injured physically. However, they are in a vegetable state too. They call it the ‘collateral damage’ or cost of war! I say the brutal and barbaric face of the modern society and politics.

He also spoke about the justified and unjustified slaughter of civilians and journalists by the American war machines in Iraq.

This Pulitzer Prize winning writer was “In Conversation with Eric Campbell” at the Gleebooks of Sydney, Australia last night to launch his book The Good Soldiers. Most of the academics, journalists, left-wingers were somewhat compliant apart from my good friend Jeff Lee. He questioned about Australian freelance journalist John Martinkus and the then Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s vitriol against him for getting kidnapped out side the Australian Embassy, Baghdad. He also questioned about the clumsy role of the Australian Union of Journalists at that time regarding this issue.

Eventually I took the microphone at one stage. I spoke about the lucky boy of Iraq known as Ali Abbas. He is lucky because he had lost his arm and leg but he is still alive. He also lost 14 members of his family including his mother, father, brothers and sisters. I also spoke about the millions of non-American victims of this illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds who are not known to us and not lucky as Ali. There was some deep breathing around the audience.

David was quick to maintain a distance from the legality and morality of the war as well as Iraqi victims.

Jeff Sharlet wrote Jesus killed Mohammed: (The crusade for a Christian military) based on similar US Army assignment of 2004 in Iraq. His portrayal of loaded naive young soldiers and prejudiced and bigoted commanders are similar to David Finkel. However, Jeff Sharlet managed to expose the ENDEMIC anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim policies, sentiments and activities in the US military establishment.

Blackwater In Iraq: Christian Crusaders Killing For Christ, Christian apology for the Crusades, Muslim-Christian Relations, The Good, the Bad, 21st Century Crusaders:Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching as to War, Christian' Crusaders and Failures of Intelligence in the US Military and From the crusaders on, contempt for the Arabs is written in stone basically confirm and reconfirm Christian (?) aggression!

At the end I conclude, the aggression and bloodbath mentioned above are not for the benefit of Christianity and won’t please Jesus Christ (PBUH).

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