Thursday, July 22, 2010

Racism of the Danish White Supremacist

Racism of the Danish White Supremacist

Further to Rum Colony Taxi Industry Road Map and Please pass this information to protesting Indian Students as reported in Peer's Peers Ozcabbie July 2010 issue, “In his diplomatic way Brown says that many drivers, especially foreign drivers, were dissuaded from attending the drivers meetings. … “!

Racism vs Taxi Drivers Safety in Victoria and Peer’s Wisdom also demonstrating the deep racism in the taxi industry!

Would you believe they are consistent with Australian Values and Australian Culture practiced by Morons & White Trash.

Racist attacks on Indian and other overseas students are a sickness of this society encouraged by the most popular Prime Minister John Howard who has managed to utilise racism and sectarianism.

An interesting observation can’t be ignored here! Those educated, communication savvy migrant taxi drivers managed to organised a spontaneous and creative industrial action based on legitimate reasons and grounds! Yet, the radio, television, newspapers, so called union leaders and Peer's Peers of Ozcabbie euphorically joined in the Racist Dance Division! Ironically, the entire situation reminded me about the Joy Division of the Third Reich.

The sad part is that it is very difficult to survive as a migrant! If you stand up, you will be smashed. Even if you don’t stand up, still you will be smashed!!

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